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We have very strict QC control system from raw material to final production, an experienced R&D team, and close contact with global research institutes, which provides our company lots of technical support. We will walk you through the process step by step, delivering accurate straight forward answers & advice to make you feel confident in DIY. When buying from us you are buying more than a product, you are also receiving amazing customer service and trusted quality products.

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We have very strict QC control system from raw material to final production, an experienced R&D team, and close contact with global research institutes, which provides our company lots of technical support. 

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we have an experienced R&D team, and close contact with global research institutes, which provides our company lots of technical support

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our products range covers from clear resin, hard glass like epoxy coating,  DIY art resin ,deep casting resin ,epoxy flooring, epoxy potting, resin glue, fast dry 2 parts epoxy, crystal epoxy decoration, soft epoxy, and resin for LED lights, etc

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Huizhou Jincheng Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
Huizhou Jincheng Composite Materials Co., Ltd engaged in epoxy resin adhesive and the second-processing of hardener agent since 2009, our products range covers from clear resin, hard glass like epoxy coating, epoxy flooring, epoxy potting, DIY Art Resin , fast dry 2 parts epoxy, crystal epoxy decoration, soft epoxy, and resin for wood table , etc, and now we are one of the most professional and competitive epoxy resin glue suppliers in China. Jincheng professional in development, production and sales of clear epoxy resin AB glue with thefactory area of 6000 square meter. All the equipment in Jincheng are comply to advanced international technology and standard, refer to the excellent formula in domestic and from abroad, and with the high property raw material imported from America,Japan and Germany, every step of the production are with strict test, all of our products have passed RoHS, REACH, CPSIA, PAHS, EN71, ASTMF963-11,FDA,ISA8000 make Jincheng to be the leading supplier in this field in China and gained high reputation from our customers during the past years Jincheng mainly produce all kinds of epoxy resin glue which covered a very large range of applications:Deep casting resin ,DIY art resin , Soft AB glue for stickers,key-chain; Hard clear resin for LED channel letters, photo frame coating, hand made diamond, jewelry, crafts, necklace, bangles, bracelets, earrings, rings,coaster, miniatures such as simulated water, soup, liquid drinks and fishbowl to be used in a child's dollhouse, anything you can image clear and shinning, but cheap and easy to operate; Coating resin for surfboard, paddle, Christmas ball, globe, foam products coating, bicycles, boats, golf clubs,skies, snowboards, swimming pool, garage, wood table coating, Epoxy flooring, to make it hard and durable; Special adhesion for wood, metal, glass, stone and some plastic, with very strong and high durable bond after cured; Flexible potting resin for electronic products such as motors, generators, transformers, swith-gear, insulators, mold filling, LEDs, perfectly to protect the potting items from short circuit, dust, water, and moisture, and giving the potting items a more stable and longer life than unpotted products. With the belief of “honest, harmony, creative, preciseness” and abundant experience, Jinhua people will always offer best solution to worldwide customers. With the principle of Service first, customer foremost, we will be your most valuable and faithful cooperator! We are looking forward to a mutual beneficial cooperation with the friends all over the world! Welcome to Jincheng! Ask for a best epoxy resin solution from Jincheng now!            
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Hot sale DIY art resin ,deep casting resin .wood table resin and surfboard resin and so on 

Transparent Crystal Table Epoxy Resin
Deep Casting Epoxy Resin For Wood Table+

One time can pour 2-4 inches, After curing the product is clear and transparent, hard and resistant to high temperature.

clear epoxy resin for Pinterest Galaxy Resin Art | Resin art painting, Resin art, Resin artwork
1 gallon set clear epoxy resin for Pinterest Galaxy Resin Art+

CAS No.:38891-59-7 Other Names:epoxy resin MF:C15H16O2C2H7ONC3H5OCl EINECS No.:231-072-3 Place of Origin:China Classification:Double Components Adhesives Main Raw Material:Epoxy Brand Name:jincheng Model Number:828AB Type:double-component adhesive Product name:Epoxy Resin Color:Clear and transparent Material:Epoxy Resin+hardener Keywords:Epoxy Resin Liquid MOQ:1 KG Mixing Ratio:A:B=2:1 Shelf life:6 Months Packing:Carton Appearance:Light Yellow Viscous Liquid OEM:OEM Services Provided

JC 750ml+250ml AB glue crystal epoxy resin clear liquid for adhesive glue and handmade accessories
3:1 Mix Ratio DIY Tray Clear Epoxy Resin+

CAS No.:38891-59-7 Other Names:epoxy resin ab glue MF:C15H16O2C2H7ONC3H5OCl EINECS No.:231-072-3 Place of Origin:Guangdong, China Classification:Double Components Adhesives Main Raw Material:Epoxy Usage:Construction, Fiber & Garment, Footwear & Leather, Packing, Transportation, Woodworking, Decoration Brand Name:JC Model Number:312AB-8 Type:Two Component Product name:Epoxy Resin Crystal AB Glue Application:potting Certificate:RoHS MSDS REACH Shelf life:6 Months MOQ:1 KG Mixing Ratio:A:B=3:1 Volume:1000ml OEM:OEM Services Provided Packing:1KG/Set

 3 Gallon Liquid Glass Epoxy Resin
3 Gallon Liquid Glass Epoxy Resin Clear Casting Resins Epoxy for Wood table+

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China Classification:Double Components Adhesives Main Raw Material:Epoxy Usage:Construction, Woodworking, Furniture, Jewelry, Toys, Office Tools Brand Name:JC Model Number:318ab-7t Type:Liquid, Epoxy Resin and Hardener Product name:Epoxy AB Glue Color:Transparent Material:Epoxy Resin+hardener Feature:Non VOC,Non Odour,100% Solid, Solvent Free,Crystal Clear,Thick Pour Mixing Ratio:A:B=2:1 Certificate:MSDS OEM:Avaliable Shelf life:12 Months Packing:Carton&Wooden Box MOQ:10Sets

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We maintain strict control over all phases of production from acquisition of raw materials to testing procedures incorporating new technologies, advanced hydrostatic testing equipment and rigid production policies.

How to make  sheet with resin and fibreglass
Uv Resin
Large handicraft casting resin
River table making resin
Resin for vacuum surfboard
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How to use Epoxy Resin for Beginners What is Epoxy Resin? Epoxy resin is specific type of resin meant for creating shallow items or coating items. It comes in two components A and B, A is resin and B is hardener. Epoxy Resin can be cured by adding hardener into it, the resin will heat up as it hardens and changes from a liquid to a solid shape.

Article highlighting the differences between epoxy resin and UV resin
Article highlighting the differences between epoxy resin and UV resin

Epoxy Resin vs. UV Resin: Understanding the Key Differences When it comes to crafting, woodworking, or creating beautiful pieces of art, choosing the right resin is crucial. Epoxy resin and UV resin are two popular options, each with its unique characteristics. Let’s delve into the details and explore the differences between these two resins. 1. Mixing and Curing Process Epoxy Resin: Epoxy resin is a two-part mixture consisting of resin and hardener. When you mix these two components, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in a solid, glossy, and transparent surface. Proper mixing is essential for achieving the desired results. UV Resin: Unlike epoxy resin, UV resin is a one-part resin that is instantly ready to use. There’s no need for measuring or mixing. However, UV resin requires exposure to a UV lamp or torch to harden. Keep in mind that this application method limits its use for larger surfaces. 2. Curing Time Epoxy Resin: Epoxy resin takes several hours or even days to cure fully. The slow curing process allows for more intricate work and adjustments during the setting period. UV Resin: Thanks to its UV activation, UV resin cures within minutes. If you’re working on urgent projects or need quick results, UV resin is an excellent choice. 3. Durability Epoxy Resin: Epoxy resin tends to be more durable and robust. It can withstand heat, chemicals, and wear over time. This makes it suitable for functional items like tabletops, jewelry, and kitchenware. UV Resin: While UV resin hardens faster, it is generally less durable than epoxy. It’s ideal for decorative pieces, jewelry, and small crafts. However, avoid using it for heavy-duty applications. 4. Application Epoxy Resin: Epoxy is versatile and works well for various projects. Its longer curing time allows for intricate designs and layering. UV Resin: Use UV resin for smaller, detailed pieces. Its quick curing time makes it perfect for jewelry, miniatures, and resin art. However, it’s less suitable for large surfaces. 5. Cost Epoxy Resin: Epoxy resin tends to be more expensive due to its durability and versatility. UV Resin: UV resin is often more affordable, making it a budget-friendly option for hobbyists and beginners. How to avoid bubbles in your UV resin or epoxy resin? First of all, avoid shaking your bottle. If you are mixing colors, place your resin in the light-tight cases about 30 minutes before pouring it into your mold. These cases allow you to keep your UV resin and Epoxy resin colored for several weeks. During a live on our social networks where she was invited, the creator  advised you to place your bottle and your mold on an electric heating mat specially made to condition the resin. Another surface with a very soft heat can be used. For example, a hot water bottle. The bubbles rise and explode with the heat. You can also pass the flame of a gas-lighter over the surface very quickly. Conclusion In su...

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What is UV Resin
What is UV Resin

UV Resin is a transparent gel that cures in ultraviolet (UV) light or direct sunlight. Unlike other resins, such as e.g. Epoxy resin, you have full control over when and how fast it gets hard. You can take the time to make, glaze, seal and protect your creations And how to use UV resin ? The bottles have a handy spray nozzle, with which you can apply the resin accurately. You can of course also put the resin in a mixing bowl if you want to mix it with one of our pigments or glitter. As soon as you shine on it with a UV lamp it gets rock hard within a few minutes. For best results, use a UV nail lamp or a strong UV torch. The resin hardens quickly and without sticky remains on the surface. How fast it gets hard depends on the strength of your UV lamp, but also on whether or not you have added color to the resin. UV lamp: 1-2 minutes, the stronger the UV Light, the shorter the time

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Deep casting resin
Deep casting resin

Production requirements of the river table: 1, Prepare the wood to be customized into a wooden table shape, and put demold paper inside (similar to sunscreen window paper) 2, Treat the wood to be done without moisture, remove the small impurities in the wood, and sand it with an air mill. 3, Put the wood into the mold. 4, Prepare the glue, 318AB-9T-2 is 2:1, one time pour thickness is 3-5cm, after AB glue mixed, put it into the vacuum machine to suck bubbles. Normally customers make around 15kg one time, but depend on the mold used. 5, Pour the vacuumed glue into the mold. After the glue surface is dry, pour the second glue until the entire mold is filled. 6, After the entire mold is filled with glue, remove the outer mold, smooth the surroundings with a sander, then sand it with an air mill, spray gold oil (if necessary), and polish it again.   Remark: 1, After the AB glue bucket is opened, it should be covered well. It cannot contact air, especially B glue, which is easy to absorb moisture. 2, The more epoxy glue deployed, the greater the heat and the more bubbles 3, The river table needs to be made in a dust-free workshop. In summer, there should be air conditioning, temperature should be controlled at about 18-22 degrees and the humidity should be controlled at about 70%. 4, One cubic meter uses about 1.103 tons of glue =1103kg

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What is Epoxy?
What is Epoxy?

What is Epoxy? Epoxy is an organic compound made up of chains of carbon linked to other elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, or nitrogen. This link occurs via a covalent bond, in which the elements share a pair of electrons to stay together. The term epoxy is broad. It can be used to describe the epoxide functional group, which is made up of a chain of carbon and oxygen atoms. Since functional groups determine the main characteristics of a molecule during a chemical reaction, this means molecules that contain the epoxide functional group can react chemically to create a rigid, yet highly flexible material. The term epoxy can also be used to refer to the epoxy resins that appear after curing. Curing is a chemical process in which a material hardens after exposure to air, heat, or chemical additives. In epoxy, curing occurs with the help of a catalyst, which is chemical additive that increases the rate of a chemical reaction. This results in an exothermic reaction that creates a cross-linkage in the polymer. This cross-linkage is responsible for the rigidity and strength of epoxy materials.

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Epoxy resin is known for its strong adhesive qualities, making it a versatile product in many industries. It offers resistance to heat and chemical applications, making it an ideal product for anyone needing a strong hold under pressure. Epoxy resin is also a durable product which can be used with various materials, including: wood, fabric, glass, china or metal. It’s important to note, however; epoxy resin is not considered to be water resistant. Repeated moist or wet conditions can cause deterioration over time which will affect durability. Using Epoxy Resin as Adhesives One of the most common uses of epoxy resin is for adhesive purposes. That’s because the strong-properties of the epoxy allow for structural and engineering adhesives. Commonly, epoxy resin is used in the construction of vehicles, snowboards, aircrafts and bicycles. But epoxy adhesives aren’t limited to only structural applications. In fact, they can be used in virtually any application. Generally speaking, epoxy is used due to its diverse options in setting. It can become flexible or rigid, varying in the opaque and transparent options. Using Epoxy Resin for Electronics and Electrical Systems Placing an important part in the electronics industry, epoxy resin is used in the production of insulators, motors, transformers and generators. As epoxy resins are fantastic insulators and offers protection from dust, moisture and short circuits it remains one of the primary resins used in circuit creation too. Using Epoxy Resin for Painting Known as powder coatings, epoxy paint is found on many household goods like dryers, washers, stoves and similar white goods. Typically, this type of paint is used in more commercial settings. With a water clean-up and tough, protective coating, epoxy paint is an excellent option for appliances. Likewise, cast iron, cast aluminium and cast steel are also other metals which work well with this painting application. Using Epoxy Resin for Coatings and Sealant Epoxy is also known for its corrosion prevention properties, making it an ideal solution to many household objects which may normally rust with time. Items including paint cans, metal containers, and foods which are typically acidic are normally coated before use. Another use for epoxy resin is the decorative flooring applications. Chip flooring, terrazzo flooring and other aggregate flooring options are coated with an epoxy resin. Epoxy flooring is an environmentally friendly option to traditional flooring options as it reduces the need for pesticides and water consumption. Using Epoxy Resin for Repairs Because of the strong adhesive properties, many consumers use epoxy resin for the repair and maintenance of their household objects. Fragile items like glass, ceramic and china can be fixed quickly with an epoxy resin, helping secure broken or snapped items to the original piece. Likewise, epoxy resin can also be used on many other materials in a similar fashion. Wood, metal, latex or other similar s...

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